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About us:

We have a small horse farm and though we love our stall mats, they did require some difficult and labor intensive repair.

Every few weeks we lifted, scraped out underneath, then re-leveled the stall mats the best we could. There had to be an easier way. One day we brainstormed the Stall Mat Klip.

We put together a prototype and, once again, scraped, re-leveled our stall mats, and installed the Klips. Since that day in May 2007 there has been no stall mat labor required on our farm! They have been a bigger success than we expected.

We are confident that if you are experiencing the same issues with your stall mats, the Stall Mat Klips will help you too.

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Stall Mat Klips are Patent Pending

Olympus Products, LLC
P.O. Box 642
Flushing, MI 48433
For questions: stallmatklips@yahoo.com

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