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We have a Regular Klip and Right Angle Klip.   They are designed for sand/dirt/clay/gravel type bases.

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The Klips are made of steel and are 10 inches long.   The Regular Klip is designed to go in the seams of the mats.  The head is 3 inches across, and is domed shaped.  This allows it to be smooth across the top once installed properly.


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The Right Angle Klips have many uses.  the can hold free standing mats in a tacking area, maybe mats that run down your aisle, or in the lean to.  They are used at any open edge that you dont want sliding or shifting around.

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The Stall Mat Klips have been in farms all over the states since 2008.  Made in the USA!   In less than a year the Stall Mat Klips pay for themselves in bedding saved.  No more wasted bedding under your mats!  


Happy Customers

After trying Stall Mat Klips 83% of customers come back for more Klips!  Boarding facilities have contacted us to say they are now saving 5+ hours a week in stall cleaning.  Thousands of dollars in wages saved per year!


You and Your Critters Deserve Stall Mat Klips!

Wouldn't you rather be riding instead of working!

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Stall Mat KLips are a product of Olympus products llc

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